Products and Services for Brainstorm users.

Clever Plugs provide consultancy and software design for users of Brainstorm’s eStudio. We can help you to make the most of your investment in the Brainstorm platform, creating complex interactive graphics quickly and reliabily.


Products for Brainstorm eStudio:

Brainstorm eStudio is a widely-used real-time 3d broadcast platform applied on data-rich programs such as elections, weather, and news.

Services for film and television production

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What we can do for you:

We are used to working in a production environment in close collaboration with producers and designers and employ agile work practices to ensure we keep focused on our clients’ needs. We continue to work closely with Cheerful Scout and their highly experienced team to offer complete integrated interactive graphics solutions, including 2D/3D design, custom hardware, system installation and event management.

Clever Plugs and Brainstorm

Clever Plugs draws on our programming experience with award-winning production company Cheerful Scout, an innovator in interactive graphics. We have years of experience writing plugins for eStudio on versions 8-11. In that time we have developed a close working relationship with Brainstorm, and have acquired a detailed understanding of their graphics platform, extending it with a suite of sophisticated and customisable plug-ins including charts, sound-eq display, geographical maps, voting systems and network based interactivity. We have also added fully-integrated, programmable databases capable of modelling vast and complex datasets and interacting in real-time with eStudio. This gives us the resources to provide a robust, end to end solution, from data input, to data analysis, interactivity and extremely high-quality rendering.

About Brainstorm

Clever Plugs provide products and services for Brainstorm Multimedia and the users of their software.
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